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Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Why choose a Professional Pet Sitter?

March 15, 2018

  • Your loved one will be given personal attention by an experienced, animal-loving professional who will treat your pet as one of the family.

  • Your loved one will not be subjected to the stressful and noisy environment found in a boarding facility. They will not be exposed to other animals that may be ill, have fleas, or have an aggressive nature.

  • You will also have the benefit of having a fully insured and bonded person looking after your home as well as your pet when you are away. Your home will have a "lived-in" look as your mail is brought in, curtains opened and closed, and lights alternated, giving you peace of mind while you are away. Pawsitive Pet Care provides House Sitters and Pet Sitters all in one convenient package! Please visit our "Press Releases" page for information of the importance of Pet Sitter Insurance.

  • The added burden of bringing your pet to and picking them up from a kennel is removed. This is one less thing for you to worry about!

Please Note: We are NOT a boarding facility and therefore do not board pets in our home. Our pet sitting service consists of visits to YOUR home to care for your pets in their familiar setting.